Walter Bigglesby II

A friendly fellow looking to share his enchantments at a fair price.


Name: Walter Bigglesby II
Age: Unknown
Race: Gnome


Walter Bigglesby was born into a wealthy family. His father, Walter Bigglesby the First, was a self-made man by building a coal mining empire. Growing up, his mother and father gave him anything he desired as a child, but worked so hard they didn’t have time to give him the one thing he really needed; love.

Walter first acted out his angst from neglect at the age 10 by trading “fading tattoo ink” for anything he could get to his peers…except the ink never faded and most the kids in his hometown were left with terrible tattoos all over their body, especially the face. They made sure to give ol’ Walt a few marks of their own and broke his nose and knocked a few teeth out of place. If it weren’t for that brawl when he was 10, it is believed Walter would have been a very handsome man. Well…as handsome as a gnome could possibly be.

Fast forward to age 15, busted for enchanting all the vegetables in the farms to screech like a thousand banshees whenever they left the comfort of the ground. Tired of his shenanigans, Walter’s Father gave him an ultimatum; work in his father’s office doing paperwork and give up enchanting or fend for himself out in the wild.

Without second thought he joined the ranks of the mighty paper-pushers at “What’s Mined is Mine” a subsidiary of Bigglesby, Inc. He worked there diligently 2 years. After a heated debate with his father to be a partner in the company, which his father made adamantly clear that would never happen as long as the sun shines in the sky. He made sure to enchant every drop of ink in the plant with a spell that would actually cause it to disappear after a fortnight, and then left his family never to talk to his father again.

Many of his adventures in between were never documented, but from what has been pieced together in the history books he was a jack of all trades. Though, the trickster gnome mostly made a living enchanting items, and then fleeing the city for his enchantments that never really led up to expectations.

Walter now resides in a small encampment outside of Neverwinter. Recently fired from his job as a stable man, he runs a small shop right outside of his neighbor’s tent. With rares and oddities a-plenty, his biggest sellers by far are his enchanted (or sometimes, no-so-enchanted) candles. It is also believed Walter is a member of a local thieves’ guild but there has been little to no proof of that actually being true.

God only knows what adventures lie ahead for this quirky gnome. God only knows.

uigley’s uorner: A Brief Commentary

My best friend in the world.

Walter Bigglesby II

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