Quigley of Dwarvenshire

The Blacksheep Bard


Quigley was born in a the small town Dwarvenshire in the misty mountains of For’thull. Without warning a modest legion of Orcs claimed Dwarvenshire as their own. Now living on the forest floor Quigley’s family needed a place to call their own and came across a nearby hamlet at the base of the hills where they would raise their only son to the age of 10.

When Quigley turned 10 he told his parents he didn’t believe Dugmaren Brightmantle was worthy of his worship. He had found a most wonderful and approachable deity in the caves around town named Garl Glittergold. Jokingly, his father “banished him” to the forest expecting him to come home for dinner. Little did he know Quigley took this banishment quite seriously and never returned home. The next decade was spent being raised by a clan of gnomes that live in a small cavern a mere 2 miles from home. There the gnomes taught him how to use words of cunning to get anything he would need in life.

To Be Continued…

Quigley of Dwarvenshire

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