Pendrak the Logger

Short stumpy dwarf with a mean axe to grind.


Pendrak was born on the swordcoast many, many winters ago. He grew up in a small rural Dwarven community that had strong communal bonds. The community looked after one another and never did they cross another Dwarf. Pendrak on the other hand had a reputation for being a bit of a swindler, though always for the better of the community.

He joined the loggers union and quickly became the union leader. He works the loggers hard and long, with big broad strokes of his axe, down come the trees.

Living in Waterdeep and working for the local merchant lords of Waterdeep he was approached my a man by the name of Mordai Vell. Vell wanted Pendrak and his crew to move up to Thundertree and begin logging Neverwinter forest. Much of if not all of the logging industry had left Neverwinter after the spellplague and now the lumber would be needed.

uigley’s uorner: A Brief Commentary

After meeting with this foolish dwarf, he told us he would rewards us kindly if we were to take care of his piddly town outside of Neverwinter. When the moon was full, we struck with great accuracy against the Cultists that had taken over. Not to mention those Highway Hellion rapscallions that showed up come morn! The grueling journey back to the inn would all be worth it for the sweet reward from Shorty McPendrak. “A reward was never promised” he said smugly. “A DECENT MAN WOULD REWARD KIND ADVENTURERS THAT SAVED YOUR BUSINESS, PENDRAK” I belted back in his face. Before I knew what was happening, Spades had replied… with an Eldric Bolt to Pendrak’s face. Needless to say I cooperated with my comrade and we slayed nearly half of his men right there in the bar. Their faces still haunt me to this day. A rather long tale cut thusly: A short tempered Drow should always be rewarded.

Pendrak the Logger

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