Lord Dagult Neverember

Dagult Neverember the Lord Protector of Neverwinter.


The Open Lord of Waterdeep is a commanding yet charming human noble. He is big, boisterous, and affable, treating every new person he meets as a friend. However, beneath the friendly exterior is a calculating political machine, capable of placing himself in the most advantageous of positions to accomplish whatever goal he desires.

He offers a genuine friendship to men and overtly flirtatious ways to women. He is a straight talking man and known for his shrewd deals and trades.
Since he began restoring Neverwinter he has met resistance from the entrenched citizens that refused to flee during the Spellplague, they now see him as the Pretender to the throne.

Even so he has done well to restore the city reclaiming the southwest part of the city known as Protector’s Enclave.

uigley’s uorner: A Brief Commentary

My first impressions of the man we’re not of a man of power, but rather a man seeking power. Despite that fact I respect him as a leader, a man willing to put everything on the line to bring his people together and stay strong. Also, he promised he would bestow upon me a house if I find his family crown. I really want that house.

Lord Dagult Neverember

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