Etevail Ostrien

Scoundrel Rogue


Born into a noble Eladrin family and raised in the Feywild, Etevail was fully expected to follow in her mother and father’s footsteps and become another cog in the machine of political power. Well-read and quick-witted, Etevail impressed her parents’ constituents, even at an early age. There was only one problem: Etevail was not impressed by her parents’ constituents.

The young Eladrin woman found the stuffy political debates and ceaseless worry over the price of caviar and wine to be laughable and boring. Although she once relished in learning and reading, in her early adolescence, Etevail managed to teach herself from books and was no longer benefiting from the instruction of her teachers and private tutors. Schooling now amounted to nothing less than an unnecessary torture for Etevail.

Bored with her studies, Etevail’s attentions began to wander. Exploring the city and making friends with unusual characters became one of her favorite secret pastime. In her many excursions, she discovered her natural talent for acrobatics and stealth; and it was not long before one of her less-than-savory friends noticed her gifts and nourished them, instructing her in the techniques of the rogue.

Much more satisfied with her new calling, Etevail left the Feywild for the Prime. For the Eladrin woman, the satisfaction of her trade is not in stealing what should be protected, but more in solving the puzzle in the tumblers of a lock, in disarming a trap, or in sneaking into a guarded stronghold undetected. Now Etevail seeks her fortune, making her way sometimes as a blackguard, a sell-sword, or an acrobat and dancer. She has met with some success. Whether or not she will become an infamous rogue is for fate to decide.

Etevail Ostrien

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