Neverwinter Ashes

Never Winter Chronicle 1st Edition

Dawnglory beloved cleric of Corellion was returned to the city after a triumphant defeat of Ashmadai devil worshipers. He was assisted by Quigley the bard who told tales of Dawngory’s victory, thus raising the morale of the city. Dawnglory has been at the Corellion temple healing the sick ever since his return.

A dagger was stolen from Lord Neverembers quarters, he has alerted the guards to find the dagger and cut down the thief on site. Thus far the culprit is still on the loose and the dagger has yet to be found.

Thundertree Village had been swept clean of ghouls, so the Loggers Union went back to the village. Neverwinter was pleased to see the loggers get back to work. A brawl at the tavern saw five of the union workers meet their end prematurely at the hands of Bard Quigley and Drow Witch Spades.

The Pirate captain Tanzer was mysteriously found dead floating up on the bay of Neverwinter, his mouth was found clogged full of a mysterious ash substance. His boat and crew remain in the bay with the ship still under repair.

Captain Audric the commander of the Neverwinter Chasm-Wall has resumed his post after being abducted by the Ashmadai cult, he announced the wall will enforce new strict policies to retain order.

Daylor the merchant is now selling wares from outside his home in the Paupers district, he too recently returned from being abducted by the Ashmadai cult and looks forward to setting up shop again.

A portley gnome named Walter who is also the City Stable-master has begun selling his magical items or trading items to any one who will stop and listen.



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